It all started in May of 2015 when Giovanni dragged a bunch of people into a boardroom with a small projector and a few ideas he wanted to share. He mainly wanted to talk about things that he found interesting and learn from others. It was a far cry from what we now know as The Ideal Changes, but the intention at the core has never changed. It had always been about assisting in personal development through self-awareness and the effect you have on those around you, AND the importance of connecting with other human beings in an open non-judgmental setting.

We were having so much fun. The word spread and we were filling the meeting room month after month, just by word of mouth. New members were getting involved and the organizing team began to grow.

We were way up in King City, Ontario and believed we could impact more people if we brought Ideal Changes to Toronto. That’s how the conscious social events were born. We wanted to share information that people could use to enhance their every day lives, but also create a setting where people could meet and make new incredible friendships! We wanted to bring vendors on board, guest speakers, and approach conscious growth from multiple angles.

We now have a few different types of events to offer. We host content-rich workshops, interactive social gatherings (like the monthly events we do now in Toronto), weekend retreats up at Collective Evolution’s brand new retreat center, Luminous, to special events and parties. We are building a community that is based on Love, Consciousness, Compassion and Awareness.

So please check out our event calendar and feel free to get involved as a vendor, presenter, guest, or volunteer. We cant wait to see you at our next event!

With Love,

The Ideal Changes Team