Hey Everyone, I’m Giovanni (you can call me G), I’m one of the original founders of the Ideal changes. I’ve been a seeker (someone seeking for answers to many of life questions) for a very long time. Although I have not answered many of these questions I can say I have learned many lessons and deeper life understandings. One of my favorite things to do was talk about these things with other people until one day someone suggested I start a group or a meet up and The Ideal Changes was born.

A couple years ago I teamed up with Collective Evolution and am now the co-host of the G and Coletti Show, Collective-Evolution’s Podcast. Talk about manifestation!

Now we’re doing what we can every day to raise consciousness (including our own) through sharing information and personal awareness. I’ve had a passion for connecting with others and learning from their experiences and now we have created a space where like minded individuals can connect as a collective. I’m an entrepreneur at heart and love creating new Ideas and ways to help improve the planet for not only the people currently living on it but for those who we will leave it to one day!

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