justinJustin Booth, A Man of many Talents….Currently he heads up Strategic Partnerships at Collective Evolution he’s the founder of Justin-Incredible Consulting and The Global Unity Project. was the former VP of business development at Silkeny and Head of Business Development at Giddy Yoyo. Justin speaks and consults around the world with Businesses and Organizations to help working professionals and families overcome the problems of Substance Abuse, Anxiety, Depression, and other Mental Illnesses, Restructuring Businesses, forming new relationships/connections, and creating efficiency. Justin also works one on one with children and young adults, helping them to overcome behavioral problems such as ….. In essence, Justin takes the wisdom and expertise he’s acquired through his own personal transformation and triumph over substance abuse, kidney failure, anxiety, depression …. to help people take control of their lives.

Justin is an extremely multi-talented, self-taught, self-driven man. However, his entire life he has faced many challenges and near-death experiences. As a teen, he was a walk-on with the Bellville Bulls OHL training camp and made the team. However, at this early age Justin began to face his major challenges. And just after making the team, use of marijuana got him kicked off the team.

About a year after that incident Justin found himself frequenting the club scene where he got heavily involved in the usage and distribution of illicit drugs. Throughout that time he spent in the drug underworld he faced many life changing events. In 2001 he was jumped in the streets of Toronto and beat with a wine bottle which he suffered from a very serious brain injury causing him to lose the ability to speak. He was suffering from a cerebral hematoma which means a bleeding and bruising of the brain. It took him 3 months of speech therapy 3 hours a day for 3 days a week to regain the ability to speak again. In 2004 he was arrested with 3 others in Calgary which was noted as the second largest drug bust in Calgary’s history.

After fighting the charges he made his way back to Toronto to work in debt collections where he rose to the top of his department in only 9 months. Justin was the Supervisor for a Pre-legal collection department called Global Credit & Collections that was responsible for earning $5.2 million dollars in profit a month for the owners. Shortly after he left Global Credit & Collections he started his own debt relief company named Just Incredible Consulting where he would assist families and individuals facing bankruptcy, collection notices from collections agencies and law firms. In his first year of business he saved over $1.25 million dollars for the clients that worked with him.

While Justin was at the top of his game in the collection and debt industry, he was suffering on the inside and was still abusing substances that were eating away at his body, mind, and spirit.

In September of 2012 Justin was rushed to Markham Stouffville hospital thinking that he was suffering from a heart attack where he was then diagnosed with 2nd stage kidney failure, jaundice, extreme anxiety, depression, and psoriasis all over his face.

Justin created a plan to get back on his feet…. He developed his own rehabilitation program that focused on food, meditation, and keeping active. 3 months later he went back to the hospital where the Dr’s thought that some sort of miracle took place or a miss diagnosis as he had completely healed from all the diagnosis.

This initiated Justin to take action and be the change that he wants to see in this world.Since then he has created a wheatgrass company (isellgrass.com), a self-sustaining/rehabilitation community (aka Global Unity Project), and has successfully helped to build and/or restructure some major Canadian health food companies and Conscious Organizations to assist in getting them where they are today.

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