I’m Thais and I’m honored to be working with such an incredible team at Ideal Changes. Everything about our mission is aligned with who I am. Personal development, philosophy, psychology, and connecting with like-minded individuals is basically imbedded in my DNA!

I work as a personal development specialist, specializing in transforming belief systems to balance perceptions around trauma (both conscious and subconscious). My line of work also involves helping individuals find their purpose, manifest their goals, and correct negative thought patterns through developed self-awareness.

My undergraduate work was a BSc. In Psychology, followed by an online Master’s in Metaphysics, certifications in CBT, NLP, Life Coaching, and The Overview Method (specifically designed to release the emotional charges around trauma).

I love connecting with people from all different walks of life. And, as someone who has been through many challenges myself, I believe that within even the darkest of moments is a beautiful opportunity for transformation and growth.

I absolutely love teaching and sharing, so please feel free to reach out at any time at